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What Is THC-Free CBD Oil?

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So much of the cannabis industry revolves around two compounds–THC and CBD. The legality, availability, source plant, and effects of a cannabis product depend on these two compounds.

But what are these compounds? How can products in the cannabis industry be THC-free?

Are you interested in THC-free CBD oil? Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a new consumer, there is a lot to learn about cannabis products. Keep reading to find out what makes THC-free CBD oil so special.

What is THC?

THC is the primary psychoactive agent in cannabis. There are over a hundred cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, but this one is the most well-known because it is what is mainly responsible for getting you “high.” THC is found in Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains of cannabis, but it is not found in high amounts in hemp plants.

Cannabis products that contain THC are illegal in some states in the USA and many countries worldwide. However, cannabis products that are used for their CBD content are not restricted in the United States and are available without legal consequences. 

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid present in both marijuana and hemp plants. It is not psychoactive and is perfectly legal. For some people, it is used to treat chronic pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and soreness from injuries. For others, it is simply a tool used to help relax.

CBD is the primary, non-psychoactive cannabinoid present in cannabis products. When oils and extracts are made from cannabis, CBD is often the primary ingredient.

Different types of cannabis flowers can lead to different results with CBD products.

Indica strains often have a strong relaxation effect. This is a common choice for people with chronic pain or terminal illness who need pain relief and a possible increase in appetite.

Sativa strains are more likely to energize you a bit. This can be great for people who deal with depression or struggle with executive function.

How Do You Use CBD Oil?

CBD oil can be used in many different ways. The ingestion method of choice often depends on personal preference and what specific issue the CBD is meant to be treating.

Some cannabis products can be smoked and vaped (no, they still won’t get you high), but the options listed below are the most common uses of CBD oil products that are THC-free.

Using a Dropper

For a quick and easy way to ingest CBD, many people use a dropper to collect a specific amount from a bottle of CBD oil and put it on their tongues.

This is a good way to get an accurate measurement of how much you are ingesting. You can count the drops you take each time to keep track of your dosage.

This is also an easy way to ingest CBD oil for people who use CBD to ease the symptoms of seizure disorders.

Topical Options

If you have a specific area of the body that is in pain from a past injury, arthritis, or some other issue, then a topical solution may be best. CBD oil is put into a lotion or balm that can be rubbed onto the skin of the affected area.

This can provide more targeted pain relief, making this kind of CBD oil product popular among older populations and athletes.

Food and Drinks

While CBD oil does not have much taste, some people prefer to add a few drops to their food or drinks instead. This is perfectly fine and can be a nice way to add additional relaxation to your evening cup of tea.

Labels on Cannabis Products

If you are just starting with cannabis products or you are looking to get into the cannabis industry, it is important to know what people mean when they refer to THC-free products.


If you see “full-spectrum” on a label, this means that the CBD oil has been made using the entire hemp plant. Hemp plants contain trace amounts of THC. This is normally under 0.3%, which makes it legal across the U.S.

Full-spectrum contains terpenes and cannabinoids found in the original plant. This form of CBD oil can be more expensive because it is harder to store due to the higher number of compounds and ingredients.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is a product that is only CBD. There are not additional cannabinoids or THC. Many people prefer this so as not to ingest any trace amounts of THC; however, some scientists believe that full-spectrum may have a better effect on the body.

While CBD alone has many positive effects, the idea of the “entourage effect” suggests that CBD works better in the presence of other cannabinoids, like in full-spectrum products.

How the Cannabis Industry Measures THC Content

Different labs may come up with different results for THC content. This is because the data relies on the sensitivity of the instruments. There may be some discrepancies; however, most numbers should be near, if not exact, in terms of THC content.

CBD products should have a Certificate of Analysis to show that they are below the legal amount of THC allowed in CBD products.

What Are the Benefits of THC-Free CBD Oil?

There are several benefits of going with a completely THC-free CBD oil. First, you don’t have to feel any stress if your place of employment drug tests. You can’t get high from the amounts of THC in full-spectrum products, but THC can be stored in body fat and can affect the results of a drug test with continuous use.

You also don’t have to break the bank to experience the benefits of CBD. CBD isolates are cheaper because they are easier for manufacturers to store. Finally, you don’t have to worry about experiencing any adverse reactions to THC (although these kinds of allergic reactions are rare).

Things to Consider When Buying CBD Oil

There are several things to consider when buying CBD oil. While CBD products are available around North America, it is important to remember that CBD products are not currently regulated by the FDA.

When you are buying CBD oil and other products, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Reliable lab testing
  • Additional ingredients
  • Certifications of the supplier (this helps you to know that the product was tested with reliable machines and that there was a thorough vetting process)

You can also research hemp regulations in your state or country. For example, in Colorado, there are strong hemp programs that send surveyors out to spot-test hemp plants and keep an eye on pesticide use.

How Much THC-Free CBD Oil Should You Ingest?

As with any new substance, you should start small and work your way up. Take a minimal amount at the beginning to get an idea of how your body reacts to CBD.

Different strains of flowers cause different reactions in the body as well. You may need to buy a couple of products to gauge which gives you the best results.

Once you have figured out what products work best for you, you can play around with the amount that you ingest at any given time. CBD has very few adverse effects, but if you are taking medications prescribed by a doctor, you may want to speak to them before taking high doses of CBD.

If you are using CBD to deal with pain in a specific area of your body, you may want to consider applying a topical form of CBD oil to your skin.

Recommended CBD Products

If you are looking to create oral tincture products to sell in a cannabis store or at home, then THC-Free Crude Oil is a valuable commodity.

How much is crude CBD oil worth? A ten-gram quantity is worth $9 and has CBD potency from 60% to 70%. Crude CBD oil is the base product that comes from the cannabis plant after the initial extraction.

Are You Interested in THC-Free CBD Oil?

With such wide popularity and well-known benefits, more and more people are discovering the benefits of cannabis products. THC-Free CBD Oil has many benefits for people who have a variety of needs.

Are you looking to enter the cannabis industry as an entrepreneur or as a consumer? There is so much to learn about the incredible cannabis plant and the products we can derive from it.

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