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What Is a Boarding School and Should I Send My Child to One?

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Did you know that 35,000 students in the United States board at a private school each year?

This number will continue to grow as more parents seek to provide a better education for their children in the United States and around the world. Boarding schools can provide what parents want thanks to smaller class sizes and additional opportunities for learning and social activity.  

But what is a boarding school and should you send your child to one? If you want the best for your offspring, here’s everything you need to know.

What Is a Boarding School?

A private boarding school traditionally provides “room and board” for each student in its care, which means your child will be living on campus with other students. It’s like going off to college but usually earlier in life.

Some boarding schools, like one in Switzerland seen here, offer a full curriculum from preschool to high school. Younger students typically attend “daytime programs,” which allow them to go home to their parents in younger years and then progress to an on-campus education later.

Regardless of age, all students follow a strict set of on-campus rules intended to provide structure and keep them focused on their education and development.

Students may have a curfew with lights out by a certain time. Some boarding schools may be for boys or girls only, and all schools typically have rules about when it’s time to study versus socialize.

Key Benefits of Boarding School

Because boarding schools are private institutions, students will typically enjoy very small class sizes, at least in comparison to a public school. This means students are more likely to get personalized, one-on-one instruction from their teacher or professor.

Boarding schools offer opportunities for advanced learning in specific areas like science or the fine arts. Your child could work on his or her own research project or conduct a chemistry experiment in the campus lab.

But it’s not all work and no play. Living on campus with other children provides a fun, college-like atmosphere. Schools will encourage social interaction with special events or gatherings.

The friendships your child makes at boarding school could last a lifetime and will provide them with early social tools they can use to succeed in life. A good boarding school develops your child inside and outside the classroom.

Types of Boarding Schools

Boarding schools come in all shapes and sizes. Here are just some examples to consider if your child wants to specialize in one area.

Performing or Fine Arts

If your child has dreams of starring on Broadway someday or wants to be in movies, a boarding school with a fine arts program may provide opportunities to take the stage early in life.


If you want to instill specific values in your child, a boarding school with a religious affiliation might do the trick. These institutions will work religious values into the school’s rules or daily conduct code.

Students may receive additional opportunities for spiritual development or time to reflect and pray.

Sports Academy

If your student is especially skilled at a certain sport, a boarding school with a strong sports focus could put your child on the path toward a college scholarship.

Help Your Child Succeed in Life

This concludes today’s lesson on “What Is a Boarding School?” Sending your child to a boarding school in the United States or abroad will allow them to develop their brain, their personality, and perhaps a special interest.

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