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What Are the Different Types of Mobility Lifts That Exist Today?

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Did you know that 14 percent of adults in the United States of America suffer from a severe physical disability? Mobility scooters are a great way to help with improving the quality of life and mobility of disabled adults in the United States and they’re essential for elderly care.

When you’re helping to take care of aging parents it is important that you know the types of scooters and the types of mobility lifts for getting those scooters to your loved one’s destinations. There are many types of lifts to consider, like wheelchair lifts and vehicle lifts that make moving the scooter around a breeze.

The good news is that you’ve come to the perfect place to learn about these different types of mobility lifts. Continue reading this article to learn more today.

What Is a Mobility Lift?

A mobility lift is a useful tool that makes it much easier to load your elderly family member into a vehicle or bus while they’re still in their mobility scooter. It also makes taking their scooter with them a much easier proposition when compared to using a vehicle that isn’t equipped with a wheelchair lift.

There are a bunch of different types of mobility lifts that are best suited for different purposes. It is important to know the differences between them all and the pros and cons of each. There are scooters that are built to transport the scooter on the exterior of the vehicle. There are also scooters that help your loved one get their scooter inside to enjoy the comforts of the interior.

Different Types of Mobility Lifts

The first thing to decide when it comes to mobility lifts is whether you want to invest in an exterior lift or an interior lift. Outdoor lifts are versatile because you can connect them to a hitch on the rear of your vehicle. You’ll need a Class 2 or Class 3 hitch in order to attach a vehicle lift to the rear of the vehicle.

Interior or Exterior

This provides a ton of ease compared to other types of lifts because you won’t need to disassemble your scooter in order to transport it between your handicap-accessible home and the store or the park. There are some models of exterior vehicle lifts that allow your elderly family member to enter the vehicle from either side.

This is a huge advantage over other types of exterior lifts that only allow access to the vehicle from the driver’s side. There are also exterior mobility lifts that will pick up your scooter from the outside and then move it to the inside for easier storage. This option works best with minivans rather than cars or trucks.

Interior mobility lifts are different from exterior lifts because they’re installed inside of the vehicle. They’re perfect for cars and hatchbacks when purchased in the trunk lift form. You can also get rear or side lifts for use with minivans and trucks. Check out Mobility Plus for some great lift options.

The majority of these interior lifts work by using a manual swing lift. This lift works to pick up your loved one’s scooter and move it to the inside of the vehicle for safe storage. There are also great options for vehicles that are equipped with smaller trunks. There are even viable options for vehicles that require the scooter to get picked up on the side.

Platform Lifts

A great option if you’re in the market for the different types of lifts is the platform lift. This lift has options to work in an automatic way or a semi-automatic way depending on your preference. You’ll have total control over the platform that gets used to move your loved one’s scooter.

This platform will fold or unfold depending on how you use the controls. It also has the ability to get lowered or raised depending on the need. The automatic is the better option if you don’t want excessive amounts of physical labor. If you choose a semi-automatic platform lift then you’ll need to fold the lift down manually each time you use it.

The automatic platform works by driving your scooter onto it and then parking it in a safe way. From there, use the remote control to start the process of lifting your scooter into the interior of your vehicle.

One thing to keep in mind with platform lifts is that some have more capabilities than others. Some platform lifts will allow you to lower the platform all of the way to the ground for easier use and access. This makes it a much safer and easier task to drive your scooter onto the platform.

Rotary Lifts

Another popular choice for people that need the use of a mobility scooter is the rotary lift. The rotary lift is also known as a swing lift. This is the most common type of lift used with a bus or a large van. This type of lift has the ability to get raised or lowered. It can also move from side to side. It makes it much easier for your loved one to enter the vehicle.

When it comes to the cost, you’ll want to consider a rotary lift or a semi-automatic platform lift if you’re shopping on a budget. Automatic platform lifts are the most expensive types of mobility lifts on the market today. Rotary lifts and semi-automatic platform lifts might not provide the same conveniences as an automatic lift, but they’ll still make life much easier on your loved one.

Start Shopping for the Safest Types of Mobility Lifts

Knowing the types of mobility lifts is the best way to ensure that your loved one can enjoy an adventurous and active lifestyle. These different lifts make it much easier to get into vehicles while also transporting their mobility scooter everywhere they go. Automatic platform lifts are the easiest to use but they come with the largest price tag.

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