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What Are the Career Benefits of Becoming a Firefighter

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Did you know that 72.2% of residential fires lead to a loss of life? It’s painful to lose a loved one to a fire accident. That’s why there is a need to appreciate that firefighter who dedicates a huge chunk of their life to try and prevent fire incidents.

You can do this by making firefighting one of your top career options. There are so many perks that come from being a firefighter.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from making firefighting your career.

Firefighting Is an Altruistic Career

Look around you. Many companies are in the business of making a profit. That’s not a bad thing, but profiting shouldn’t be your only concern when it comes to working.

A firefighter’s first mission is to serve the public’s interest every day. Every time you perform your duties, you give back to the community. The sense of fulfillment that you’ll derive from becoming a firefighter is rare to find in a majority of the other careers.

A firefighter meets and interacts with people at their worst moments most of the time. However, in these instances, you get a chance to show people that all is not lost. You can still save the little that they thought they’d lost.

Further, you also educate people about fire safety programs to protect themselves. The whole experience is both satisfying and rewarding.

The Pay Is Sufficient

A firefighter’s salary depends on the amount of work they do and the state or geographic location that they are serving. You’ll earn around $35,000 to $70,000 per year when you join this noble profession. This pay puts you in a comfortable position to look after yourself and your loved ones.

Apart from the salary, you’ll also get access to other forms of compensation. These include retirement packages and medical insurance coverage. The compensation you’re entitled to will be subject to the policies of the organization that you serve.

A Firefighter Enjoys a Higher Level of Job Security

No community is willing to compromise the safety of its members by failing to have a fire department nearby. When you pursue firefighting, you enjoy a higher measure of job security because of this fact.

The government considers firefighters as valuable members of the community. They won’t retrench you easily, even during harsh economic periods such as the Covid-19.

Getting an opportunity won’t be that hard if you want to move out of the country to work elsewhere. Every country considers firefighting a noble profession, and they’d like as many people as possible to join it. The level of job security that you enjoy from becoming a firefighter is hard to come by across many professions.

Work Out as You Work

One of the metrics for measuring your quality of life is your level of physical fitness. Many people have to create time out of their working hours to exercise to remain fit. A firefighter doesn’t have to do this; the nature of their job improves their fitness level naturally.

You might be wondering how this is possible. As a firefighter, you wear heavy gear and work with heavy equipment during rescue operations. You also operate under different conditions, which helps you quickly adapt to changing environments.

Your routine has similarities to that of a person who wakes up every day to go to the gym. Working as a firefighter will help you keep fit well into old age.

Lengthy Off Days

If you prefer a career that gives you enough time to be with your family, then find a way of getting your hands on one of those fire department badges. Firefighters may work for close to 48 or even 78 hours per shift. However, they get an extended off day after the shift ends.

For example, you can get up to five days off when working in a busy location. More work means you’ll be active most of the time when you are on duty. It’s only right that you get extra days after finishing your duty.

The off days will be extended, even if you work in rural areas or smaller towns where the workload isn’t too much. As other people get the weekend off, you’ll get at least three days with your family and friends.

Honing Your Soft Skills

Firefighters learn to develop soft critical skills such as critical thinking, time management, and teamwork. Their line of duty also demands they learn injury prevention skills. These soft skills are valuable in the work setting, and even in the community you live in.

Besides, these skills are transferable to other career choices. Starting as a firefighter might be the stepping stone to other careers you’d want to explore.

The Job Offers Authentic Responsibilities

The best firefighter knows that their response to a situation will impact another person’s life. This is a responsibility that you have to carry each day. Contrast this to most of the employment opportunities around.

When you work for a company, you’re either creating a product or performing a service to generate profits. In return, you earn a paycheck, but you may start questioning your worth in that organization as time goes by. Choose a career that gives you real responsibilities and the respect you deserve.

High Job Approval

Firefighters are among the modern-day heroes of this world. People love and respect them for what they do. Whenever people see firefighters, they know that help is around the corner.

The same job approval can’t be said about other employment opportunities that alienate you from the masses. It’s better to choose a job that people will love you for long after retiring.

Become a Firefighter Today

Choosing to become a firefighter is a true act of patriotism. This is because you have to put yourself in harm’s way each time you are on duty for the sake of other citizens.

However, this career is one of the better ones because of its many benefits. The above are just some of the many examples.

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