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The Do’s and Don’ts of Product Photo Editing

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Let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than a bad photo. 

But that’s why editing exists! With a few simple taps, your product photo can turn from a visual disaster into a miracle. Our short guide will tell you the steps to getting that perfect photo you’re looking for. It’s important to also tell you how to avoid those unappealing photos.

If you’re new to product photo editing, then keep reading, because this guide was made just for you!

Before We Begin, Smile!

Of course, you don’t have to actually smile, especially if this is a product.

Just as a brightening smile pulls attention, find what makes your product pop. Is it the design? Is it the color? What is it about your product visually that garners attention?

Once you find it, product photo editing just became easier. Knowing your product’s strengths allows you to take the ideal photo. If you take a picture that isn’t appealing, don’t fret. As long as you capture your product’s greatest features, it’s nothing a little editing can’t fix!

The Great Dos of Product Photo Editing

Most of your editing is going to focus on lighting, background, and colors. These editing fundamentals are what’s going to make your photo go from lackluster to a masterpiece.

Do: Fix The Lighting 

The exposure and brightness tools are your best friend. These tools help measure the amount of light in a photo.

Do: Change the Background

Sure, a simple background is alright. But if you’re looking for your product to pop, changing a photo background color is the way to go! Changing the background is a sure way to repurpose photos and make your editing unique. 

Do: Have More Color

Black and white isn’t the best way to make your product stand out. The saturation tool will work well in making your product’s color become vibrant.

But use this tool carefully! Too much saturation will make your photo look fake.

The Definite Don’ts of Product Photo Editing

If you want some great product photo editing tips, then know that too much anything is bad. Tread lightly as you learn how to edit product photos, especially with the following:

Don’t: Try to be Perfect

Perfection is a great goal, but only if it isn’t based on overedits. Overusing tools such as the blur, saturation, and vignette will only make your edits look fake.

Don’t: Add Filters

Filters are great if you’re uploading a selfie to social media. Otherwise, don’t use it for your product photo editing. 

Don’t: Not Edit

Not editing will only make your product look drabby. You won’t pull any attention this way!

Let’s Finish Those Touch Ups!

Taking a product photo is one thing, but editing them can be challenging if you’re new. With this short guide, you are able to learn the dos and don’ts of product photo editing rather quickly.

If you want more tips, check out our blog articles to learn more. 

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