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The Benefits of Vaping vs Smoking Cigarettes

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The debate between vaping vs smoking cigarettes has come to the fore in recent years thanks to the growing popularity of vaping. The health effects of smoking have long been established. Many studies highlight the link between smoking and heart diseases, stroke, cancer, lung diseases, diabetes, problems of the immune system, and more.

While vaping is not completely risk-free, the reality is that they carry a very small fraction of the risk associated with smoking cigarettes. For example, two of the most harmful elements in tobacco smoke, tar and carbon monoxide, are not produced by e-cigarettes.

In this blog post, we will highlight the benefits of vaping when compared with smoking cigarettes.

Vaping: A Better Alternative to Cigarettes

For many people, smoking has long been a social activity, something they do to unwind and relax, or because they enjoy the sensation. Unfortunately, smoking kills—more than 480,000 Americans die each year due to smoking cigarettes.

As highlighted in the introduction, smoking leads to disease and liability, harming almost every organ in the human body. Smoking cigarettes damages our hearts and blood vessels, for example, and increases our risk of stroke and heart disease.

While many people dislike the thought of quitting smoking entirely, it is very difficult to avoid the harsh realities of smoking cigarettes and its health implications. That’s why more and more people in the US are choosing to switch to vaping. More than eight million American adults now use e-cigarettes.

What Are the Benefits of Switching to Vaping?

Research into vaping is ongoing but there is considerable evidence that vaping is significantly less damaging to our health than smoking. While it is still recognized that vaping is not entirely safe, it is far less harmful than tobacco. One recent study has highlighted that making the switch to vaping helps smokers’ hearts and can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

For many people, the ultimate aim is to quit smoking entirely and many decide to transition first onto vaping. With e-cigarettes, it is easy to gradually reduce the nicotine strength over time, for example from 18mg down to 3mg.

There is also the social element of smoking, which people who vape can continue to enjoy without the same risk level as those who smoke cigarettes. Vaping is also more convenient than smoking cigarettes, significantly cheaper, and vaping juice is available in a wide range of flavors.

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Vaping vs Smoking Cigarettes: In Conclusion

While vaping is not completely safe, there is no doubt that it is a far healthier option compared to smoking cigarettes. In the debate around vaping vs smoking cigarettes, it is clear to see which is the winner. Vaping allows people to enjoy the social and relaxation element of smoking without nearly the same level of health risk.

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