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Small Business Tips: The Best Tips for Starting a Small Business

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Today, there are 31.7 million small businesses in the US. If you’re planning on pursuing your dreams and becoming your own boss, then you’ve got quite a challenge ahead of you.

Even if you’re in a niche industry, it can be tough standing out. And if you don’t get noticed, then you won’t be successful.

One of the best small business tips is to practice good search engine optimization (SEO). That way, you’ll rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs) and get in front of your target audience!

Keep reading for some basic SEO tips you can use for your small business.

Don’t Go for #1 Keywords

It’s true that these will attract the most users, but it’s no use competing with big brands that will outrank you every time.

Instead, focus on keywords that aren’t used as often. You can then build brand authority with these keywords and climb the ranks with little resistance.

Create Lots of Blog Posts

You’ll want to optimize your website with good keywords so it pushes you to the top of SERPs. But another great way to increase your ranking is to create lots of blog posts.

Not only do these give you more opportunities to use keywords, but they also help position you as an industry leader. When users find your blog post and see you’re providing valuable content, they’re more likely to trust you in the future.

Focus on Local SEO

If you’ve got a brick-and-mortar shop, then you’ll want to focus on local SEO. This ensures that when people in the surrounding areas search for the products/services you provide, you’ll pop up in the results.

This is different from general SEO since it targets keywords that are specific to your location. For example, the keywords might entail your city or county.

For more information, here’s a great local SEO guide!

Don’t Keyword Stuff

You might think that the more keywords you use, the better, right? This used to be the case in the early days of the internet. But people abused keywords so much that their websites just looked like gibberish!

Google’s algorithm wants to rank sites based on how useful they are to users; as you can imagine, a page filled with just keywords isn’t very beneficial. As a result, you can be penalized for keyword stuffing and Google will derank your site instead!

Make sure you’re using keywords organically and not jamming them in just to have them there.

Link Out to Other Authoritative Pages

Many people mistakenly think that linking out to other pages is giving free views, so they don’t do it at all. But in fact, linking to other authoritative sources can help your SERPs ranking!

So make sure you have not only internal links, but also external ones.

Use These Small Business Tips to Rank Higher on SERPs

These are but a few small business tips that’ll help with brand awareness. By combining these with other good marketing strategies, you’ll be able to grow your business and see profits rolling in for years to come.

To learn more about creating a good website, keep browsing our blog!

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