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Should You Buy an Electric Bike This Spring? Here’s How to Decide

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It seems that it’s more common to see someone riding an electric bike than a standard bicycle these days. More and more people are choosing to ride motorized bikes, in large part due to the 15% to 35% reduction in travel time compared to standard bikes. 

But why is that? Are people just lazy? Or are they actually really smart?

E-bikes aren’t for everyone. Some people prefer the good old-fashioned pedal power. But for many people, electric bikes allow people to spend more and more time outdoors, helping to boost health and happiness.

So should you buy an electric bike this year? Do e-bikes live up to the hype?

That’s exactly what we cover below. Keep reading our electric bike buyer’s guide below to see if you should purchase an e-bike now.

E-Bikes Empower an Outdoor Lifestyle

Whether you are going for a standard bike or an electric one, the main benefit is getting outdoors. Spending time outside, with the sun on your skin and wind on your face, is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

But many people who like to ride bikes aren’t overly athletic. They aren’t training to be Olympians. They just want to spend time enjoying the outdoors.

Standard bikes can wear you out a lot faster. That means shorter rides and less time outside.

But e-bikes allow people to go further and longer without expending as much energy. So instead of a 20-minute ride, one could easily manage a two-hour ride.

And yes, you still pedal so you’ll get exercise.

E-Bikes Can Lower Dependency on Cars

Buying a new electric bike can be a considerable investment. But it can also be a wise one.

Many people buy e-bikes to get to work and back or run errands around town. It might be too much work on a regular bike, but with an e-bike, it becomes an enjoyable part of the day.

If you could leave your car at home while you commute to work five days per week, you can save a ton of money on fuel and auto repairs. The bike will eventually pay for itself. 

E-Bikes are Easy and Comfortable to Ride

E-bikes come in all different configurations. The market has grown and more and more manufacturers are producing e-bikes for different types of riders.

Whether you are 18 looking to get to your college classes or 80 looking to enjoy a few hours outside, there’s an e-bike that will be comfortable for your body and easy to stay balanced on. 

How to Buy an Electric Bike

Buying an electric bike is not something you should rush. Take your time to make the best decision you can.

It’s best to visit multiple retailers and try bikes out for yourself. Some come with an LED screen that allows you to track your ride, so you don’t have to attach your smartphone.

Visit chargebikes.com/collections/electric-bikes to see some examples of popular e-bikes. 

Also, consider the weight of the bike. Standard e-bikes can be quite heavy. If you live in an apartment and need to get up the stairs, you might want to find the lightest model you can. 

There are also folding e-bikes for those who like to bring their bike when traveling.

Get Your E-Bike Now

Do you want to spend more time outdoors? Do you want to live a healthier, more active, eco-friendly lifestyle? Then it’s probably time to buy an electric bike.

Few things are as useful as a bike that you can rely on to get where you need to go.

Looking for more electric bike tips? Visit our blog now to keep reading.

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