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Math Applications and Tools: Best Practices For Teachers

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Students hate math mainly because it’s hard to understand what they’re being taught. Math is a concept relative to everyday life. Want to know how much you’re going to make on your next check? Math. 

Want to calculate your monthly car payment before buying a car? Math. Regardless of what it’s for, the need for math is never going to go away, which makes it important that teachers understand the different math applications they can use to instruct their students. 


If your students are having a hard time grasping math concepts Photomath can help solve this issue. All your students have to do is download the app and if they are experiencing issues solving it scan the math problem. 

The app will then help students work through each step of the problem and explain in detail how they arrive at the answer. It gives a physical step-by-step representation including animations of what you’re trying to explain to them during each math lesson. 

Photomath is one of the top math problem-solving resources out there. 


It’s known that when you leave math class, you’re going to have homework but with the current state of the world being able to assign online homework just got easier. With Derivita you students can learn everything there is to know about math and the different ways it can be applied. 

You can create homework based on the built-in math questions or use the questions to create your own. And there’s no need to worry about having to grade all your student’s work by hand because the platform does it for you. 

This gives a whole new meaning to letting your students know they have math homework. From Algebra to Calculus the Derivita platform can lend a helping hand with it all. 

Shapes 3D 

Are you teaching your students geometry but haven’t found a way to drive the concept home? Shapes 3D helps students understand what you’re saying by providing a physical depiction of all geometric shapes.  

This tool allows teachers to show the things that you normally can’t when teaching a classroom full of students. When using the tool to engage math students it’s best to start with a simple shape and show them how to build from there. 

CK 12 

With most schools increasing the number of technology students have access to it’s only right you follow suit. This means instead of giving paper quizzes and assignments you find ways to use their laptops to push the same lessons. 

CK 12 allows you to provide students with an adaptive version of what they’d already be learning. Not only can you give them an online assignment and workbook, but the platform also allows you to build simulations within it. 

Math Applications for Teachers 

Math applications are important for teachers who wake up every day to teach math to students that want to learn. We’ve created a list of some of the applications you can use to pique the interest of students while helping them learn math concepts they’ll use for the rest of their lives. 

Looking for more like this? We have tons of other resources for you to check out now.

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