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How to Tell Your Brand’s Story Using Web Design

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Storytelling is part of every culture and civilization. Stories, when told often, will help people remember events that happened in the past. The book titled “The Story of Australia” by Bob Lewis narrates how the earliest human inhabitants of Australia got to the island continent. It also tells how a military colony transformed into one of the wealthiest and most peaceful nations of the world.

Why Your Website Needs to Tell a Story 

People will tend to recall stories that have been read to them regularly. Likewise, most people will keep a good story in their hearts and minds. This principle of recalling stories is the essence of why web designers must create a story using their websites.

When you hire a web design Australia company, you should ask them to create a story for your brand and incorporate it into your website. Your brand story must establish connections with your target audience and tell your audience the complete picture of what your business is all about. In addition, your brand story should incorporate your company logo, colors, and taglines to create a central message.

How to Create a website that Tells a Story 

Having a high-ranking website will ensure that many people will see it. However, being visible to people does not necessarily mean that you will connect with them. When you integrate the principles of storytelling into your web design, the chances of people recalling your brand increase. Here are some ways to create a website that tells your story.

Use of Imagery. Carefully selected, high-quality images are critical elements to tell people about what your brand is all about. However, a website with too many images may not be effective in telling your story but rather confuse your visitors.

Use of Illustrations. Illustrations are effective elements in telling a story. For example, if your company sells DIY furniture, illustrations can help your users put together your products.

Use of Background Images. Another storytelling element that you can incorporate into your website is using large background images. A web design Australia company will have experts in using background images to highlight some aspects of your design. You may also pick a background with a specific predominant colour to trigger specific emotions from your visitors.

Effective Use of Words. The effective use of words is an integral part of storytelling. Users may not necessarily want to read a very long story and may abandon a website if they feel that they will need to do a lot of reading. Therefore, you should carefully consider the words that you are going to put in your web design. There are times when fewer words are more effective in telling your brand’s story.

Parallax Scrolling. Parallax scrolling is an effective way to create an interactive website. This technique creates multiple layers of design that respond differently as users examine each aspect of your website. An example of parallax scrolling is when a user hovers the mouse cursor on a specific image, and that image will release a new window or create a sound. Parallax scrolling will allow you to hide some details of your story; these details will only reveal themselves as specific user actions trigger them. Parallax scrolling is effective in engaging your users and making them stay longer to complete your story.

Use of Videos. Videos allow you to effectively tell your brand’s story to visitors. One great use of videos is to record the testimonials of people who have used your products and services.

A great story can reach people emotionally. Likewise, when your web design tells your brand’s story, users will be able to recall you more.

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