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How to Name a Podcast: 3 Simple Strategies

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Did you know more than 840,000 active podcasts are streaming right now?

As the popularity of podcasts continues to skyrocket, the need for a catchy and meaningful name for your show becomes even more significant. If you’re starting a podcast, a great name can spark the initial interest that grows to become your core following.

If you’re wondering how to come up with a podcast name, this guide can help streamline the process with 3 simple strategies.

Read on and learn how to name a podcast like a pro.

1. Keep it Short and Sweet

Sometimes it’s better to keep things basic and straightforward. Name your so that your audience can recognize it right away and never have any doubts about the content. Simple, literal names also rank higher in search results since they include industry-relevant keywords.

When naming a podcast, you want to quickly and decisively define your show’s tone, substance, and personality. This is not the time to be vague. Stay on topic and avoid titles that could mislead your target audience or that require further explanation.

If your podcast is centered around a personal brand, you could name the show after yourself. The Joe Rogan Experience and the Michelle Obama Podcast are two eponymous podcasts that use this to their advantage.

2. Try a Play on Words

Some podcasts use idioms, puns, or wordplay in their titles. When a potential listener is scanning through hundreds of other shows, a clever pun can help you make a strong first impression. However, the audience may misunderstand an unnatural or overly abstract name.

This may cause people to ignore your show, especially if the pun has nothing to do with your content.

Don’t use a play on words just for the sake of it – your podcast name needs to be genuinely funny and relevant to land. Similarly, avoid puns if your podcast is about something serious – you may offend potential listeners.

3. Consider Search-Ability

Because podcasts digital media, your online rankings impact audience growth. The “search-ability” of a podcast’s name boosts its SEO value and determines whether or not it will surface in response to a potential listener’s query.

Consider using the keywords potential listeners may use while seeking information about your topic. This will boost the chances of your program appearing in search results.

A podcasting production agency can help you identify hot keywords to include in your title and all other aspects of starting a podcast.

How to Name a Podcast Like a Pro

The name of your podcast is the first indicator of who you are and what the program is about.

As a result, the name of your program needs to be descriptive and imaginative, offering potential listeners a taste of what to anticipate as they dig into your current episodes. In addition, your podcast’s title should consider a few technical aspects to guarantee that your fans can find the broadcast.

We hope this guide has shown you how to name a podcast like a pro.

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