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How to Engage a TV Audience With Targeted Advertising

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Did you know that TV delivered the highest ROI of all US media for every dollar spent? It returned an impressive $14.34 per dollar spent.

Television remains one of the most effective advertising mediums. That’s because it’s long been a trusted source of information for households, and it provides scale and reach.

Now advertising on TV has the ability to target specific audiences to maximize its effectiveness. Continue reading to learn how targeted advertising can be used to engage audiences.

What is Targeted Advertising?

Targeted advertising is a form of online advertising that focuses on the specific traits, preferences, and location of a consumer. This aids consumers in receiving specific ads that reflect their interests and shopping habits. For example, a company that sells products to stay-at-home moms may choose to run their ads on TV during the day.

But, in recent years, advertising has become much more targeted. Addressable advertising gives marketers the opportunity to show different ads to different households. Even if they’re all watching the same program.

This new form of TV advertising is data-driven. It combines granular data and panel-based research to reach its audience with more relevant ads. TV is an engaging medium throughout the world. And advertisers are finding new ways to use this to their advantage.

Hit Them Everywhere 

The central TV audience has fractured completely since the arrival of streaming and on-demand services. This has forced television advertising to evolve. Audiences are found on a wide range of screens and devices, and they’re also using many different types of viewing modes. 

Live linear TV is the traditional way to watch TV and remains popular, especially for live events. But time-shifted viewing and Video on Demand are increasingly popular. And most viewers move across the different services freely. 

Advertisers that stick to just linear TV are likely to miss out on revenue and opportunity. An advertising strategy must hit the audience everywhere.

Companies like Finecast offer solutions that enable advertisers to precisely target viewers across on-demand, linear, and live streaming TV services, regardless of their device size. They can also help create accurate audience profiles. And these will assist advertisers in reaching their target viewership.

Why Engagement is Key 

Whatever data you have about your TV audience needs to be harnessed to boost engagement. And this can be done through optimized and personalized user experiences.

An engaged audience leads to more successful advertising campaigns and premium ad-tech rates. Better engagement will also translate to extended viewing time. And further advertising opportunities that may lead to revenue growth.

People are already engaged when watching TV, so any advertising can easily create immediate engagement with a brand.

The Time Is Now For Targeted Advertising

TV advertising may be changing, but it’s still an indispensable tool for engaging an audience. A good advertising strategy will today consider how addressable TV advertising can help them stay ahead of the curve.

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