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How to Convert PNG to JPG Without Losing Quality

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Image quality can be difficult to preserve when you need the file size to be as compressed as possible. So how can you keep the quality of your PNG while still keeping the file size the same as a compressed JPG?

Depending on the device, original file size, and where you are uploading the file the quality of your jpg image can be affected. However, it is still possible to keep the quality of the image as high as possible when you convert png to jpg.

What’s the Difference?

The purpose of a jpg is to compress the file size by decreasing the pixels. This process removes the transparency of an image but can also decrease the image quality.

While png saves the information of the photo as well as the optimal quality of the content with full transparency of the image. This usually means the image file is larger than 1MB.

Regardless of what you might think, most jpg images are at their highest quality possible while maintaining a small file size. It’s only in certain cases that the photo might develop with blurred pixels and unclear visuals.

Under different circumstances, you might need to use different types of images. It might be difficult to determine which is necessary, but if you keep a few things in mind it can be simple.

When to Use Different Image Types?

If you are working in a business setting with a lot of files to be sent and data to be transferred, you want things to be running smoothly. In these cases, it’s okay for the image quality to slip when considering a device’s performance here.

On the other side of that, a designing company shouldn’t show clients lackluster content so you would have to sacrifice speed for higher quality. These times can be harder to judge for certain scenarios, like screenshots or website profiles, but the essential part is considering the goal of the image.

If the goal is to show off the pictures in the best way possible, maybe use png. If the goal is to use the files in a professional, non-creative setting maybe use jpg. This is important to keep in mind when you have slow-running devices or websites that are affected by larger files. It won’t be worth a pretty picture if your site crashes or your device can’t download any more files.

However, you can still retain good quality if you don’t want to sacrifice either performance or quality with image converters.

How to Convert PNG to JPG

After determining that you need to shrink your file size to convert to a jpg, you should use the resources you have. Programs like Photoshop and MS paint can convert the files but one costs a monthly fee while the other can give results left to be desired.

To convert png to jpg you need to upload your photo to a program that has those capabilities. When using Photoshop, the image can be converted when you export the file, but if you don’t already have Photoshop this can be inconvenient.

That’s where you can use programs like MS paint, already on most Microsoft computers, and other online applications to convert the image.

Most programs that convert image types aim to convert at the highest quality possible while compressing the file to a reasonable size. Keeping the jpg’s quality is the goal in those programs.

If you aren’t sure if the image has lower quality when you convert you can show your original and final images next to each other and notice the difference. Sometimes there might not be one.

A Clear Mind with a Clear Image

There can always be misunderstandings with images when the pixels can appear different on the device it’s being shown on. However, image converters that switch png to jpg usually resolve the hassle.

The quality of your image doesn’t have to jeopardize your device or project when you convert png to jpg. All you have to do is upload your photo and convert the image. If the photo isn’t clear enough for your project, stick with the original file.

If it is, you have a smoother running performance and a nice clear jpg image, compressed pixels and all. Try it yourself and comment how well it works for you!


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