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How to Buy a Boat: 5 Tips for Aspiring Boat Owners

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2020 saw a huge boom in the boating industry. Countless first-time buyers were buying up all the inventory. Boating retailers were left empty-handed for months.

And while the inventory shortage has recovered, the desire to buy a boat is still going strong in 2022.

Over the past few years, Americans realized how important it is to unplug, slow down, and spend more time outdoors with the people you love. And the best way of doing that? On a boat, of course.

Wondering how to buy a boat so that you and your loved ones can enjoy quality time on the water, soaking up the sun and catching tons of fish?

Keep reading our boat buying tips below to help you figure out the best type of boat to buy. 

1. Rent First

Everyone prospective boat owner wants to jump right in and buy their own boat. But that’s a mistake.

You need to rent a few different boats ahead of time to gain experience and to figure out what type of boat you need. There are tons of different types of boats on the market.

Some are meant for cruising, others for fishing, and others for entertainment. There’s going to be a perfect boat out there for you. You just won’t know what it is until you try a handful of boats first. 

2. Consider Buying Used

Boats can be pretty expensive. Especially if you want the latest model.

But you can get an excellent deal on boats that are just a few years old, and are otherwise in great shape.

Buying a used boat might mean getting the size you want, rather than having to size down to afford a new one. 

3. Choose Your Boat Type

So what type of boat should you get? It depends on what is most important to you.

Are you wanting to fish? If so, are you going to be on smaller lakes and rivers, or will you be out on open water?

Are you fly fishing in the shallows or going after deep-sea behemoths? 

Before you can choose a boat type, you have to choose your most important use case. 

4. See it in Person

The most important advice about buying a boat is to see it in person. It’s tempting to purchase something online without being in person.

But if you’re buying used, you need to inspect it first. Ideally, you can even take it on the water for a little test drive. 

Even if you are buying new, it helps to get on the deck and get a feel for it before signing on the dotted line.

5. Include Boating Accessories

Look down at the bottom of your boat buyers checklist. As you can see, there’s a lot more that you need other than the boat itself.

You need a safety kit that includes flairs. You’ll need an extra oar. Don’t forget a spare battery. And you better have lifejackets on board.

There are quite a few accessories and essentials your boat will need before going out on the water. Click for more information here. Ideally, you can talk the seller into throwing some of these things in with the boat. 

Learning How to Buy a Boat

Buying a boat is like buying a car. Most people do it so rarely that it’s never something they figure out. It’s an intimidating process, especially with so much money on the line.

As you learn how to buy a boat, just take your time. The biggest mistake is moving too fast and getting emotionally attached.

Looking for other tips like this? Head over to our blog to keep reading now. 

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