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How To Boost Your Online Store’s Sales Using Video Marketing

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When content is consumed in the video format instead of text, 80 percent of people remember it more precisely. It is true not just in the situation of study, but also in marketing. If you don’t incorporate video marketing into your sales approach, you will miss out a lot.

If 100 people watch your movie, 80 out of 100 of them will finish watching it, 40 out of 100 will share it with their friends, and 20 out of 100 will become customers. It’s not about the numbers, but video marketing can increase the number of monthly visitors to your website and help you increase sales.

Types of Videos To Focus On In Video Marketing 

  1. Product Videos

According to a HubSpot report, “73% people are more inclined to purchase after watching a product video,” this signifies the crucial role play of product videos.

Product videos are popular because people would rather watch a video than read long blog posts about that product. 

Product videos are the topmost choice to boost sales. Not only do they answer all the questions, but also remove any suspicion that “first-time” visitors may have. 

According to the Wyzowl survey, “81% of market respondents claimed that product videos helped them to keep the first-time visitors and also convert window shoppers into customers.”

Product videos help the customers to get a sneak peek into the details of the product. If you want to enhance buyers’ experience, go for product videos. Over the years, the product videos have seen an equal amount of returns in form of supply and demand. 

You can also embed the product video into your e-commerce site, on your blog posts, and also can post them on social media.

Make a good engaging video by encompassing the following points:

  • Decide video length according to the product description. The length should be long enough to cover the product features, benefits, and product advantages.
  • Include relatable points, rather than being emotional.
  • The video should have a strong narrative.
  • Show a demo of how your product works.
  • Display the tasks that are involved with the product.
  • Show a 360-degree view of the product, which can replace looking at it at a store.
  • You can have a magical video in your hands in less time with many online video makers or video editing tools. The best thing is anyone can use them to create a video without the help of a professional video editor.
  1. Brand videos

Every brand has its own evolution story. It creates a connection between your clients and your online store if you tell the story of your brand and the approaches you have tried to achieve your goals. 

They may or may not convert, but they will undoubtedly be more motivated to connect with you. 

Your narrative may serve as an example to other businesses, or it may drive an individual to join your team. 

A brand video has a great deal of power, and you can get a lot of mileage out of it. Because you’re publishing the videos on a more dependable and trusted platform, you will gain a great backlink to your store.

  1. Testimonial Videos

As a human deeply believes in another human having the same beliefs, similarly, a customer has greater faith in other customers than in the brand. 

It is a foregone conclusion that your customers will read product reviews. You can ask for client feedback on your products and post the videos on your social media accounts. 

Written reviews underneath your product pages are less effective than video reviews and the tone in which your consumer discusses the product. Keep in mind that a satisfied customer is worth 10 times as much as a new one.

  1. Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are another excellent technique to boost your clients’ product understanding. 

You can share webinars that can aid your clients if you’re offering e-commerce-related products or software. 

You can hold webinars based on the new features that you add regularly. You can keep your consumers and viewers informed about your products this way.

  1. Live Videos

Live sessions have made connecting with your store following a lot easier. By introducing social media, every brand may now establish a social presence. 

You can expand your network by joining seller groups and creating a community. Even if you share the posts on your social media accounts regularly, it is not very interactive. 

You may strengthen the bond between your company, and your fans by hosting live video sessions. People will become more interested in your products as they connect with you, which will increase your sales.

  1. Creative Videos

Who doesn’t crave creativity? And these days few brands are becoming the talk for their creativity. Creativity cuts out all the unwanted costs. 

Keep your videos crisp and entertaining with a story. People get hooked to it till the end if it is a relatable story

Have solid background music as well. Music keeps people more engaged. Also, add cool transitional effects to the video. Use stellar dialogues and captivating themes that intensify your message in the video. 

  1. Create Endorsing Videos

Individuals who endorse your products have a greater influence on people. There is a good likelihood that some of the Lux soap conversions are because of the help of a well-known celebrity like Deepika Padukone. 

Or like how Shah Rukh Khan endorses Denver Deodorant.

This may sound absurd, but it occurs in the market. If you have a large marketing budget, endorsing videos can help you gain a lot of attention.

People won’t put down the product that their favourite celebrity has endorsed. If their influence is at a high level, then expect to see a rise in your sales. This doesn’t have to come from a top celebrity but also can come from people from small TV shows or commercials.

  1. Installation Videos

People consume a lot of content by watching videos. Nowadays, people recommend products to their peers by sending this kind of video link, but not any pictures. 

People need to know how your product works and how to install the product, mainly if your product is difficult to set up. 

To create an engaging installation, video inculcates these points while making a video:

  • Educate your customers, don’t just say the feature names to your customer which they can also read from the description or manual.
  • Show your customers how to use the products correctly.
  • Make a “step-by-step” kind of video.
  • Add subtitles to the global language and make a video in your regional language.

    Do you know? High engagement comes from your local audience. If they don’t understand the language, then it is difficult to achieve a wide audience base because it all starts from local to global.

You can skip the last point if most of your audience is English language-based. There is nothing more engaging than creating videos by understanding your audience’s tastes and preferences.

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