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8 iconic poster designs in history

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Posters are a great way to visualize a concept, an idea, or even an ideology. They help us look forward to events in the future, and also help us create memorials of the past. Posters allow us to celebrate events, support causes we believe in, idolize our favorite celebrities, and promote our innovations and ideas. 

Some of the most memorable events in history have been remembered through their iconic posters. Here’s a list of some of the most iconic posters in history.

  1. The “Uncle Sam wants you!” Poster

If you’re American, you’ve probably heard of or seen this poster all your life. And even if you’re not American, you might have at least heard of it through a TV show reference or other media. The iconic “Uncle Sam” poster was created in 1916 to get more people to sign up for the army. The main character for this iconic poster, Uncle Sam, was a fictional character based on a real-life businessman, Samuel Wilson. 

Why was this poster so famous and successful? Well, for starters, the iconic Uncle Sam characterization on this poster hooked a lot of people in because of how directly it engaged its intended audience. The simple yet effective design of this poster, with direct wording, clear use of the U.S. national colors of blue, red, and wh]ite, and an engaging character pointing straight at the reader worked wonders with its audience. This is definitely one of the most remembered posters even today. 

  1. The “Rosie the riveter” poster

Yet another American poster aiming to increase recruitment, this iconic image was meant to encourage women to join in the fight and serve their country, through both the army and the workforce in general. This poster used bright colors, a strong stance, and a very effective characterization of a strong woman rolling up her sleeves in an indication to get to work. This poster helped encourage American women to join the workforce and is one of the most recognizable posters in the U.S. to date. 

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  1. The “Le Frou Frou” poster

Let’s look into some historic marketing graphics. France was one of the first to adopt modern advertising techniques that used artistic graphics to promote brands and sell products. One of the greatest examples of this technique is this renowned poster made for the French magazine Le Frou Frou, made by Leonetto Cappiello back in 1899. 

The artsy vibe of this poster, combined with the bright colors, the use of multiple fonts to promote the magazine name, and the single dancing girl in the middle make this a simple yet effective art piece, especially for that time. 

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  1. The “Moulin Rouge” poster

Speaking of French art and advertising, the Moulin Rouge posters are some of the most famously known works of poster art even today. One of the best known out of these is the famed 1890 version of the Moulin Rouge cabaret designed by Jules Cheret. Cheret was known to make use of the feminine image as a marketing tactic. The use of provocative female imagery is evident in this poster. 

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  1. The “Jaws” poster

If we’re discussing famous posters, we can’t forget about all those amazing movie posters out there. Which is why the next iconic poster on this list is from the well known 1975 movie, Jaws. 

With its simple yet effective imagery, this poster makes it clear what the movie is about while also invoking a sense of curiosity in the viewer. The image of a man swimming with a terrifying shark coming right at him does a great job of showing the reader what to expect without giving too much away. 

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  1. The “Blacklight” poster

The blacklight posters of the 70s are a great example of fun, colorful, vibrant posters. These posters, with their hipster vibe, psychedelic color scheme, and groovy fonts and visuals are a great representation of the general vibe and culture of the 60s and 70s. 

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  1. The “Keep calm and carry on” poster

Even though this poster is more famous now as a popular meme on social media, the real origin of this poster dates back to the UK during the second world war. This simple yet motivating slogan was created to keep up morale during times of war. Ever since then, this poster has been used on social media, as stationary, as wall posters, and has had so many other uses. 

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  1. The “Coca Cola Santa Claus” poster

You know that visual of a big, red, cheerful Santa Claus we’ve all come to know and love? Did you know that Coca Cola popularized this image in their 1931 Christmas advertisement? The cheerful seasonal poster of a jolly, bearded Santa holding a bottle of Coke helped shape how we see the Christmas-time character even today, making it one of the most iconic ads ever. 

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Want to create your own poster?

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So hop online and get creative so your poster can make the next list of iconic posters in history. 

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